Basics of singing

Any of us can sing, but takes some knowledge to sing correctly. Of course some of the singers are naturally gifted and the sound of their voice is stunning without any kind of practice or knowledge about singing, but those are rare exceptions. Most of the people need to train their voice and other aspects to sing better. To do that, they need to understand the theoretical aspects of singing.

There are five basic components of correct singing. Those are pitch, breathing, rhythm, diction and voice. Any of these components can be subdivided and there are a lot of things that should be taken into a consideration if you want to become a good singer, but let’s start with the very basics.

Pitch is one of the key aspects of success when we are talking about singing. Matching pitches means to sing in a tune, so if the singer is not able to hit the pitch, the singing will sound awful. The reason why some can hit the pitch, but some can’t is because people have different development of hearing. Some people are tone deaf, which means that they can’t tell the difference between the notes. To become a good singer, you must learn to hear the difference between notes and that can be done only with serious practice. Try to play the notes on the piano and notice the difference.

The next thing every singer needs to know is how to control the breathing. Actually it is not a hard task. Breathing is a natural process that is controlled by a diaphragm and muscles around it. These muscles can be controlled just like any other muscle in our body, but to control them more efficiently, you need to train them. That can be done very easy with some breathing exercises. Just take some deep breathes with pauses on each aspiration.

The next aspect is rhythm. That is very important so the beat and the singing would be synchronic. Unfortunately the sense of rhythm is something that can’t be learned so easy. Either you have it or you don’t. You can try to improve your sense of rhythm by clapping hands to a certain rhythm, but there is no guarantee that it will help.

Also diction is very important for singing. It is not enough to know how to produce a good sound. Singer also has to pronounce the words correctly, so the lyrics would be understandable. If your diction is not great, it’s not a big disaster, because it can be fixed very easy. Just train your voice every day. You don’t even have to sing. Just try to pronounce correctly each word in your everyday speech.

The last aspect is the voice itself. This is the aspect you should really focus on. Figure about everything about your voice register and try to learn how to use it. Train your vocal cords by singing high notes. Hire a vocal coach if it’s needed. That will help you produce a good sound with your voice.