Can anyone learn how to sing?

Usually a passion for singing has only those who are naturally gifted and have a good singing voice. Those who can’t hold a note and sing any song doesn’t even bother themselves with this activity, because it is believed that singing can’t be learned. Is it really so? Is singing only a Gods’ given talent or just a skill that can be learned just like any other?

Many singing experts claim that it is impossible to sing good if you have no talent at all, but at the same time there are a lot of proofs that singing can be learned. Studies have showed that singing can be learned to completely anyone, at least to a decent standard and in some cases even with really great results. It is possible to develop the voice, but it takes time and a lot of trainings. So if you are willing to learn to sing, start training.

Unfortunately it is not easy to find the right approach for that. There can be lot of examples for singing trainings found on the internet or in books, but every voice is unique so there is no guarantee that these trainings will work for anyone. Usually this is the main reason why people think it is impossible to learn how to sing – they are just training wrong. So there are some things you need to figure out before starting practical trainings.

First of all, before trainings, you should explore your voice. Record your voice and listen to it. You need to figure out what is wrong with your voice and what you want to accomplish with these trainings. For example, you need to understand either you can or can’t control your voice and hold a note. If you can’t then you need to start trainings from the very bottom and learn how to hit a note. If you can control your voice, then you need to find the specific aspects of your voice that should be improved and train these aspects. There can be such aspects as voice register, breathing, height of the voice etc., which should be improved.

The basic exercises for improving your singing skills would be singing along musical instruments. The best one is the piano, because than you can see which notes exactly you can sing and which can’t. Don’t sing a whole song, just hit the note and sing any sound along it. By doing this, you will learn how to hold notes in a song.

If your singing skills are at least in a level to sing simple songs, you can work on specific shades. For this you can use books or articles with examples of trainings, but look for the trainings that can fix your exact problem. If it is too complicated to detect the flaws by yourself, you can hire a vocal couch that can help you.

Don’t believe if someone says singing is not meant for everyone. They are wrong. It is possible to learn how to sing. Of course it will take a lot more than just one day, but if you will practice and work on your singing skills regularly, after few months your they will be a lot better.