How to choose the vocal coach?

To make your singing trainings more productive you should hire a vocal coach. Professional vocal coach can help you understand what should be improved in your voice and help you to fix that. There are many people who offer their help to singers, so it’s complicated to choose the right one. Usually singers choose them by recommendations or high profile, but how can you be sure that you will be able to work with him? There are better ways how to choose a vocal coach.

The qualification is not as important as mutual understanding. You won’t learn anything if your coach will make you feel uncomfortable. Vocal coach must be truly open and tell you the truth, but in the right manner. If he makes you understand that you are not talented and you are not able to sing, than that is exactly what will happen. You need to trust your coach and have a good connection. A good vocal coach don’t do their job only to get paid, that really care about their students and are interested to teach something. Unfortunately you can’t figure out if you will gave a connection by recommendations or descriptions, so you must try many couches before choosing the right and only one. That might take some time, so better choose the minimum possible lesson time at the first time.

When it comes to qualifications, just make sure vocal coach knows the music theory and is able to explain all the aspects about singing. High qualification usually doesn’t mean anything. There are lots of vocal coaches with several higher educations in music, but who doesn’t have such thing as empathy and without that he won’t be able to teach you what he knows. At the same time some vocal coaches without any certificated education are able to teach everything student needs to know and help to reach the best possible results.

One other aspect that should be taken into a consideration is a music style. Some vocal coaches specialize in one specific music genre or style. If you are sure that you want to sing only in one specific genre, than you can choose a vocal coach that is specialized in that one genre, but choosing a vocal coach that is familiar with wide range of music genres is usually more efficient. A good vocal coach will be able to assist any singer, no matter what is his singing style. That will give a wider understanding about the range of voice, not only focus on what you want. Maybe your voice is meant for different kind of singing, you’re just not aware of that.

So the plan for finding a vocal coach is quite simple. First do some general search and find vocal coaches who has some knowledge and professional experience, but at the same time who seems reliable to you. All the further choice must be based on the experience, because you can’t know with witch one of them you will have the best connection before you have met them.