Everyone has an authentic voice. Lear to use it!

If you have ever watched any singing competition, you probably have noticed that one of the most common comments is about the uniqueness of the voice. Some singers with good voices are being criticized, because they sound boring. Their voice sounds just like thousands of others. With that kind of voice they can become average singers, but they will never become world famous with that. The good news is that everyone has his own unique authentic voice; you just need to find it.

The biggest issue is that singers are trying to change their voices completely to sound like some idealized standard. That is exactly what you shouldn’t do. Of course, practice and voice trainings are needed, but the aim of them is to exclude some spoilage from your voice and improve the diction, breathing and other aspects, not to change it or standardize it. Find the right training approach to improve your voice, but not change it. There is no such thing as bad voice, just uncultivated voice.

This standardizing however leads to imitation. That means singer is trying to imitate other singers with good voices. At the end singer completely loses his unique voice. You can’t let that happen to you. Imitating other singers is not a bad thing. It can help you train your voice and see what your voice can do, but you should get to imitation only when you have found your own voice. If you know how you sound, then you can see if you can sing like someone else or not, but don’t try to copy others. Your own voice is a lot better than imitation of other singers’ voice.

If you don’t try to sing like others, then the next thing you need to be aware of is that your own voice has many shades. There is no one authentic voice, there can be many, but you need to understand which one to use. Every human can make a huge range of sounds with his voice, but they are all authentic. To find your best authentic voice, you need to practice and experiment. Sing in many ways and evaluate all of them. Consider which one sounds better and which feels most comfortable while singing. Also try to record your voice to hear every detail. That will help you hear yourself like others hear you.

Of course, it is not an easy task. It will definitely take a lot of time to figure out what your authentic voice sounds like. Maybe you will realize that only after many years of singing, but be sure that you have it. Only if you will use your authentic voice, it will be possible to become a great singer.