What musical instrument to play?

A good way how to expand horizons in a field of music is by learning to play a musical instrument. The multiplicity of musical instruments is incredible, so the hardest task might be to choose the right instrument for you, not to actually learn how to play it. Fortunately, there are some advices that might simpler this task.

First thing you need to consider is what kind of music you like or what music you perform. It seems pretty obvious that you need to choose an instrument that matches your musical taste, but you should consider this very carefully. Look deeper in this question. Be very specific in your musical taste and think of instruments that might help you create music you really enjoy.

Also you need to think of your abilities. Consider what you might be good at? Maybe you already have some experience in playing some kind of musical instrument or you consider some of the instruments easier for learning. Even some minor knowledge can be helpful when it comes to musical instruments.

After you have considered your musical taste and wishes, you need to think of some more practical aspects. Think of the actual playing. Where you want to do that and how you want to perform? If you want your musical instrument be a part of your singing performances, choose something that you can take with you any time. If you need an instrument just for your own entertainment and you won’t play it to any audience, you can choose anything that fits in your room. Think of all the aspects, so the instrument could perform its functions according to your wishes.

Also you need to think of the place of practice. If you will practice only at musical school or other establishment, that won’t be a problem, but if you want to learn at home think if you will have enough space and you won’t disturb your neighbors. For example, if you live in a flat, drums probably won’t be the best choice, because the possibilities to practice will be limited. Sometimes you need to adjust your wishes to your possibilities.

Practical part of choice also includes the possibility to find a teacher or learning instructions. If you have chosen some very unique and rare musical instrument, be prepared that there might be no one near you, who knows how to play it. Of course, you can try to learn it by yourself from instructions found on the internet, but it will be a lot harder, beside there is possibility that you won’t find useful instructions as well.

So if you consider all these aspects, the choice should be limited until few instruments or in the best case just one instrument. If so, you have found the best musical instrument for you to play and you can start practicing right away.