Songwriting is a very complicated task. On one hand it is very artistic process just like writing poetry. There should be no rules, destructions or boundaries in songwriting, because its way to express your feelings or ideology in creative way. On the other hand, you need to make the songs catchy so the audience would like them. This part of songwriting, however, can be learned and there are some rules to make songs favorable. So you need to be familiar with key aspects of making high standard songs, without losing the creativity.

There are lots of ways how to manage the song writing process. Some of them are more formal and others are more creative and chaotic. Formal way means to sit down and write a song by the music theory and songwriting rules, but creative way means putting together some random poetic lines with music. The formal way usually leads to some standardized and predictable results, but the creative way, however leads to very unpredictable results. There is no right or wrong methods, but if you want your songs to be creative and meaningful, but at the same time it would be pleasant to listen to them, you need to find the balance between all the ways.

When writing a song, you should go through several song writing phases. This might sound very formal and you might think that it completely excludes the creative and artistic part, but that’s not how it works. There are three phases. First one is the idea phase, which is the creative part. The next one is projection phase, which is the formal part and then there is the development phase which could be considered as editing of the song.

The idea phase basically means the same as complete creative way of songwriting that was described before, but the difference is that this process doesn’t end with that. Idea phase means recording of all the chaotic ideas. Take a scrapbook or recording device with you anywhere you go, because you can’t know when some good lines will come up in your mind. Collect all the melodies, lyrics and other good ideas for songs, so you would have the artistic material.

Then, go to a projection phase. This is the most formal part, but still you need to put in some emotions in it. Take all your collected ideas and sort them out. Maybe you can put something together and supplement it right away. This refers to both, melody and lyrics. Try to find what would be appropriate for versus, what for chorus and what for the bridge. Project all your ideas to make a systematic skeleton of the song. Just try to not to lose the emotions of the song by this process.

The last phase is development phase. Usually most of the songwriters skip this one, because they think song is good enough after projection phase, but in lot of cases they come up with regret when the song is already released. Don’t let that happen. Go through song many times in from different perspectives. Read the lyrics several times to make sure they are logical and fluently. Do the same with the melody and listen to it carefully. At the end put melody and lyrics together and make sure the song sound exactly as you want to. If something is wrong make some editing until the song is perfect.