What if your voice is not improving after trainings?

If you are taking musical trainings to improve your voice, but there are no results, you are definitely doing something wrong. If you have a good training plan and you are doing everything by it, you should see some results after a while. So here are some possible reasons, why it is not happening.

First and the most common possible reason is that you don’t really know what exactly you want to reach, so you are training everything. If you know that you want to become a better singer, but doesn’t know what exactly better means, you can’t reach that goal. First you need to figure out what you want to change about your voice. Be very specific on that. You need to have a clear vision on how it should sounds like and only then you will be able to make an appropriate training plan. If you can’t do that by yourself, go to a vocal coach. He will help you understand what is wrong with your voice and also will help to make an appropriate training plan.

The second most common reason is lack of practice. The only way how to improve the voice is by practicing. There is no other magic formula, so if you are not practicing enough, don’t wait for positive results. Stick to your training plan and practice every day. If you will skip even one training, the results might be a lot worse than planned.

The third reason is inappropriate practice. Unfortunately, you might not reach your goals even if you do practice enough, because you need to do it the right way. It is not enough if you put on any song and sing along or warm up your voice and then do some typical voice trainings. The theory must come along with practice. That means you need to watch your voice every time you sing and concentrate on your mistakes and bad singing habits to fix them. If you won’t do that, you will keep singing in the same manner forever. The better way is to take separate trainings for each singing issue you have and concentrate only on fixing that one thing. If you need to focus on all the mistakes at once, you will probably get confused.

However, in some cases singers think their voice hasn’t improved, but it actually has, they just haven’t noticed it. It is hard to hear the changes of your own voice, beside the improvements are made gradually and singers are not able to notice the difference, because of that. So if you have a good training plan and you are regularly practicing by that, but still doesn’t see any improvements, than ask others if they have noticed any differences in your voice. Again, this is the reason why you should use a help from a vocal coach. Professional in this field could tell you the truth right away.